Anti Valentine’s Day Party


Anti Valentine’s Day Party

The Perfect Party Plan

As a single mom and a bakery owner I’m often faced with a rush and request for the traditional Valentine’s Day baked goods. Cute cookies that say I love you. Cakes declaring love. And then, a rise of amusing requests for parties celebrating those that choose the single life. Over the past 3 years we have had a lot of requests for parties that are anything but traditional. Here is our recipe for a fun “Anti-Valentine’s” day party!


Anti Valentine's Day CookieSignature Dessert

Who doesn’t love grumpy cat? I thought our new Love Stinks cookies were awesome. Create your own version to celebrate what makes you laugh and what you love about life or contact us for a custom order!


Create an awesome playlist

iHeart radio released their top list of Anti-Valentines list- here are a few songs to get you started:
Katy Perry- Roar
Megan Trainor- No
Shawn Mendes- Stiches
Ugly Kid Joe- I hate everything about you
Beyonce- Single Ladies
Justin Timberlake- Cry Me A River



Shred Your X

Bring pictures of exes and shred them to make confetti. Pick a time in the evening to have a toast with champagne or a mocktail- and throw the confetti in the air like NYE.


Decorate Accordingly

Banners, Funny Posters, & Smart Pants comics can make any event fun. Pick a theme- and go!


Create a Fun Vision Board

Have your guests bring magazines and each person create a themed vision board. You can create the perfect partner, vacation vision board, or one about life- it’s up to you!