It all starts with fresh ingredients,

and a passion for delivering the best baked goods.

We start by sourcing the highest quality ingredients from different suppliers. We rigorously audit everything from product consistency to supply chain integrity to ensure standards are maintained.

Next we set about mixing, rolling, laminating, baking, frying, flipping, filling, glazing, icing, drizzling, dusting, chilling or freezing. Every single one of the 70 or so products we make every day requires a different series of processes and stages. These processes are semi-automated and hand-made.

Everything that is produced at the bakery is made with a desire to the preservation of “made from scratch” baking. Using recipes that have been passed past generations we strive to provide breads that are as close as possible to tasting home-made. This is primarily the reason our customers are so enamored with our products. Whether it is a concha or a rice pudding, everything is made using quality basic ingredients. We never use preservatives or enhancers so what you’re getting is just pure, home-made style goodness.

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