Family, Quality, & Community

Life At La Concha

Family, Quality, & Community

It’s hard to believe that we are entering our 15th year here at La Concha Bakery. 15 years ago I had no idea what I was getting into. Having spent a few years playing music and traveling with a few bands – the opportunity arose for me to open a bakery. It might sound random, but I suppose it isn’t. I come from a line of bakers. My father owned bakeries in Mexico and when he moved to Chicago he worked in different bakeries until he opened his own. It’s no surprise then that I chose to continue the family business, but on my own terms, here in Chula Vista. I came to this part of San Diego not knowing what would happen. But as I reflect over the past years, I really have learned a few things about life here at La Concha Bakery.



My family has changed over the years, and I was blessed with two beautiful children. The kids have grown up here and the customers know them. They ask how they are and remind me of times when I was pregnant. I realize that my customers can be relied on- and they have become somewhat of an extended family.



One of the things I love about what we do, is produce quality bread and products. I’ve seen crazes come and go- and not last because although the product looked good, it didn’t taste good. Some of the breads and pan dulces we produce take time- but I ensure that each of products is handmade and made with love. There are no machines making mass produced bread- just hard working local & regional staff that take pride in their product.



Of the 15 years we have been here- the end of 2016 was the first time we really got to know the community. We did print advertising for the first time – and let everyone know we were here. We have partnered with non-profits, created specialty days for local business owners, and figured out that in running the day-to-day, we didn’t really get a chance to be out and about.

2017 for us is a year of embracing changes and getting out of our comfort zone. We hope you’ll stop in and say hello and get to know us. We are looking forward to getting to know you!