Daily Desserts, Made Fresh

Cause every day deserves sweetness.

From puddings to flan, La Concha Bakery creates daily desserts that can be picked up any day, any time.

All our desserts are made fresh every day with the highest quality ingredients. At La Concha, we’re dedicated to using traditional baking techniques.

Product availability varies in store. Call 619.427.7147 for more information.

Baked Flan

Rich and creamy baked flan covered with carmelized sugar and topped with a dollop of whipped cream and a maraschino cherry.


A rich chocolate cakey dessert made with pecans and glazed with chocolate truffle.

Mini Cheesecakes

Rich cheesecake topped with strawberry, cherry or pineapple filling.

Assorted Jello

Water based jello cups in kid friendly flavors (Cherry, Lime, and Orange).

Condensed Milk Jello Cups

Pistachio, Guava, Coffee, Pecan, Dulce De Leche Condensed milk flavored jello cups.

Flan Cup

Non-baked flan made with whole milk.

Fruit Torte

Pastry cream filled tarts topped with fresh seasonal fruit.

Mosaic Jello

Made with condensed milk flavored jello mixed with cubes of cherry, lime and orange flavored jello.

Rice Pudding

Creamy rice pudding sweetened with condensed milk and topped with a light sprinkle of fresh ground cinnamon.

Slice of Cake

Available in all of the ready to go
cake flavors.

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