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A crusty hard roll with a soft center.

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(english translation: drill bit )

A twisted puff pastry dusted in granulated sugar.

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A rich chocolate cakey dessert made with pecans and glazed with chocolate truffle.

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(english translation: bread pudding)

Traditional bread pudding with coconut, pineapple, and raisins.

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Carrot Cake

Light carrot cake made with walnuts and crushed pineapple covered and filled with cream cheese and iced with whipped topping.

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A braided yeast leavened egg loaf that is traditionally eaten by Jews on Shabbat, on ceremonial occasions,
and during festival holidays.

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Rich cheesecake topped with strawberry, cherry or pineapple filling.

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Cherry and Cream Cheese Danish

Cherry and cream cheese filled danish dough drizzled with sugar glaze.

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Cherry Empanada

Pie dough pocket or turnover filled with cherry pie filling.

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Cherry, Lime, Orange Jello Cups

Water based jello cups in kid friendly flavors.

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Chicken Empanada

Chopped chicken sautéed in olive oil with onion, garlic, celery, carrots, potatoes, red peppers, and serrano peppers in tomato sauce.

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Chocolate & Vanilla Cake

Chocolate and white cake layered to create a checkerboard effect when sliced. It is filled and iced with butter cream and topped with chocolate fudge.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie

Buttery, sweet chocolate chip cookie.A dollar for 3.

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