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Flan Cups


Non-baked flan made with whole milk.

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Fruit Chiffon Cake


Light chiffon cake filled with a layer strawberry mousse and a layer of Bavarian cream. It is iced with whipped topping and topped with seasonal fresh fruit and toasted almond crunch on the sides of the cake.

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Fruit Torte


Pastry cream filled tarts topped with fresh seasonal fruit.

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Guava and Cream Cheese Strudel


Guava and cream cheese filled puff pastry pie pocket.

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Guava Empanada


Pie dough pocket or turnover filled with guava filling and dusted with granulated sugar.

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Happy Face Cookie


Orange zest flavored cookie with raspberry jam.

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Italian Bread


Or Mega Bolillo

A crusty hard roll with a soft center. May be sliced upon request.

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Jalapeño Cheddar Cheese Bread


A white egg rich bread mixed with cheddar cheese and jalapeños.

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Jalapeño Cream Cheese Roll


A Mini-Bolillo (Small French Roll) stuffed with jalapeño cream cheese.

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Lemon Empanada


Pie dough pocket or turnover filled with lemon filling.

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Lemon Snow Cake


Light chiffon cake covered and filled with lemon curd and covered in moist flaky coconut.

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(english translation: muffin)

Vanilla flavored muffin.

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Marble Muffin


Vanilla and Chocolate swirled muffin.