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Triple Chocolate

Chocolate Mousse Cake is the perfect light dessert. It’s made with triple chocolate. Chocolate cake base, cool creamy Mousse filling and topped with rich dark Chocolate Ganache.

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Tuna Empanada

Sautéed in olive oil and tomato sauce with onion, garlic, chopped green olives, capers, red peppers, and carrots.

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Vanilla Concha

(english translation: shell)

A sweet egg rich dough covered with a vanilla sugar shell pattern on top.

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(english translation: candle votive)

Vanilla flavored muffin covered in strawberry jam and coconut topped with bavarian cream.

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White Bread Telera

A soft white sandwich roll used for making Tortas.

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Whole Wheat Croissants

Whole wheat Danish dough sweetened with agave nectar.

Sugar-free Option

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Whole Wheat Telera

A soft whole wheat sandwich roll used for making Tortas.

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